The world must come together

Last night we all saw, with dismay, the brutal, cold blooded terrorist attacks against France. There has not yet been a year since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish market. The freedom of speech and the Jewish community were then under attack. Last night the Western way of life was under attack, and over one hundred persons were killed and at least as many severely wounded. It reminds us, ones again, that Islamists extremists are a danger to the West in particular, but also, and not the least, to other Muslims.

Islamist extremists are a source of inspiration to terrorists and therefore continues to inflict pain and suffering on people all over the world. As a result, Muslim and Western leaders have both a big responsibility here, not to just only to deploy security efforts, but to mobilize all religious, economic and civil society efforts in order to eradicate this phenomena. Important to stress: It is not only a cause for Europe and the Western countries, it is vital to cooperate with partners in the MENA-region concerning the severe threat that terrorism constitutes.

The obvious partners in that collaboration are Jordan, Israel and Morocco. The struggle against global Islamistic terrorism now requires partnership and expanded exchange with these three countries in the region. In fact, among the Muslim Arab leaders the king of Morocco Mohammed VI was the first to strongly condemn last nights deadly attacks on innocent civilians in the very core of Europe and European history, Paris. In a letter to president Francois Hollande Morocco reaffirmed that the country will stand ready to support France, as it did during the aftermath of planed  attacks and attacks  in Copenhagen earlier.

The combat against terrorism is a global struggle. Europe has to increase and develop its relations with the above mentioned countries in the region. This since they can provide the experience, know-how and information needed to combat the threats to our way of life and our core values that we now are facing.

Annika Borg

Annika KO